Thursday, 22 December 2011


Growing up I was never taught to believe in Santa Claus. There were never any presents under the tree that said "From Santa," and we never left milk and cookies out on Christmas Eve. Going to a Christian school, I don't think any of my friends or classmates did either.

Looking back now I appreciate that my parents didn't let us believe in Santa Claus. There was never this urge to write Santa Claus and tell him all of the material things we wanted. There also wasn't a great disappointment when we finally learned that Mom and Dad were actually "Santa Claus."

When I do someday have kids of my own I think I will raise them the same way I was. Try and keep the focus on Christ's birth, while also enjoying treating one another with a few gifts. Seriously, why would I want to spend time and money buying presents for my kids just so that they can turn around and thank some unknown "Santa Claus?"

For parents who want to raise their kids to know the magic of Christmas, I encourage them to raise their kids to know instead the miracle of Christmas. Sure a baby's birth inside of a barn may not seem as magical as a jolly old man delivering presents, but the end result is much more amazing.

For me, I will choose the tradition of reading Luke 2:1-20 on Christmas Eve with my family. Hopefully it will instil in my kids the habit of appreciating Christmas as more than just a day for receiving toys.

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