Saturday, 31 December 2011

Making one, or two, of those New Year's resolutions

This year is the first time I'm making any new year's resolutions. Even though I probably need to loose a little weight and get in better shape, that isn't the resolution I'm making. Namely because I know I won't be able to keep it.

No, I'm actually making two resolutions, or, as I'm calling them, goals.

My first resolution is to actually write a book. I've got about half of a book written, but I have big plans to revamp it and finish it off. I'm tired of telling myself over and over again that I'm going to write a book and start my career as a novelist, just to start writing down something and never finishing it. So this goal has a deadline - one year.

Secondly I'm resolving to journal more. A couple months ago I bought a journal for the purpose of journaling during my first trip to Europe. I had a great time and enjoyed the process of writing down my experiences and observations. But after I got back my journaling slowed down until the point where I haven't even opened my journal for the past few weeks. My purpose for journaling now is to clear out my mind, kind of get stuff 'off my back.' Hopefully I can start a new habit that I can continue for many years.

With both of my new year's resolutions focused on more writing, I guess that means I'll be spending some more of my time
sitting at my desk, fingers poised on my keyboard. Now I'll I can do is hope that inspiration will strike quickly!

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