Sunday, 22 January 2012

The Gift of Snow

Since I live in the part of the world, Canada, that does happen to get snow in the winter, it means I often have to spend some extra time before I go to work in the mornings scrapping off my car and shovelling my sidewalk and driveway.
When I was younger snow meant bundling up in snow gear and playing outside with my sisters. We built forts, threw snowballs and got to go sledding.
But something changed a couple years ago when I went off to college. The first year I stayed in a dorm which was connected to the main building so I never really noticed when it snowed. The second year though I moved into a basement apartment and had to walk and take the bus. Then I started understanding why most adults can't stand the snow. And now that I'm living in a place with a driveway and sidewalk I'm responsible for clearing off and I have to drive on the snowy and icy roads, I'm really becoming resentful of the winter weather conditions.
It is hard not to get a little grumpy when you have to work outside in the 10 below zero weather and shovel off five centimetres of snow.
Instead I'm trying this winter to look at snow as a gift. Snow is a gift because it gives me a few minutes to get outside and breath in the fresh air and do some free exercise. No paying for a gym membership for me, I can just go outside and pick up my shovel. Snow is a gift that allows me some time alone with my thoughts where I can clear my head and appreciate the silence. Snow is a gift that allows me the chance to wonder and marvel at God's world and the beauty of creation. Fresh snow covering the ground, trees and neighbouring houses always paints a beautiful, perfect picture.
So thank you God, for the gift of snow, and help me to continue to appreciate it this winter.

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