Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Clothespin Magnets

This project came to be when I found some super cute clothespins at Michaels for $1. I didn't need them for their normal use - hanging clothes on a clothesline - but I could see using them as magnets on the fridge.
The search for magnets was on. I looked at Michaels and found some magnet strips for $6 which seemed a little on the expensive side. At the dollar store I found two options but both were too big to fit on the clothespins. Finally at Wal Mart I found similar strips to the ones at Michaels for $4 so I got those.

I cut the strips in half and then trimmed them from the end so they would fit on them magnets. Then I pulled off the backing and stuck them on. I only had 4 clothespins so I only needed 2 of the strips.

And presto! 4 clothespin magnets!

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