Friday, 10 February 2012

The House Across the Street

I live across from a very beautiful house. It is a large, old stone house with many beautiful architectural features.
This three story mansion sits on a slight hill, giving it a slight air over the neighborhood. When I come home in the
late evening the house across the street is all light up from the inside. Pulling onto my street and seeing this
beautiful sight gives me a warm and safe feeling, like it is looking out for me.
In the winter mornings when I look out my window and I see the house across the street I am a little less upset that I
have to go out to shovel because I am blessed by seeing such a picture-perfect sight across the street.
Living in the downtown area of my town has exposed me to plenty of beautiful old homes. Of course I am unable to afford
to own one of this historic houses, let alone rent one, I am satisfied to simply live in my humble home across the
street from one of the best and brightest homes in the neighborhood.
Thank you to my neighbors for living in and keeping up such a beautiful home. It is such a nice feeling to live even
near such a house as yours. And thank you for providing such wonderful inspiration for maintaining my own home.

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